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Harry Potter roleplay!
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By DarkellaLord and Tomi by mr-mamura-tomi By DarkellaLord and Tomi :iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 8
Vanished From Your Place So High
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Fallen from your place so high
Without you I will surely die
Twinkle Twinkle little space
I've looked for you
I've given up the chase
Where are you? I have no clue
Please don't leave me, I love you
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 2 2
A Cold, Dark Place Where Things Go to Die : - )
There is no refuge from this distant maze of water, this place is only of ice and water, endless wandering and endless suffering is the nature of this place. This is where people go to get lost and so very quickly regret it, if you're lucky you'll be exorcised from this labyrinth of crushed spirits and anguish. Only those who have experienced the blackest despair can withstand this hell.
- : - )
Final note: Dancing keeps you warm
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 2 0
Hope and Despair
Come to think of it is hope, the belief of something to happen really better than despair, the complete destruction of one's beliefs? Hope is such a peculiar thing, it's what lifts spirits, but, it can so easily be held against someone. Many times have I hoped on lost causes, sometimes people need to see that there's no point in believing in something that could never be, if someone were to hope on a lost cause, they are doomed as long as they believe in it.
Despair is quite peculiar too, it's what brings down spirits, but, in the end, as hope has shown, it's pointless to believe in something that could never be, for someone to escape the doom hope can bring upon someone would either take a graceful fall (something humans have great difficulty doing) or the grim realisation of despair. Despair crushes spirits, but, I find that despair is easier to recover from than the doom of hope.
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 2 0
They try to strike me with their weapons, it doesn't hurt for they know not how to dance, how pitiable. They don't even know that it takes two to tango. I suppose I take the lead then, I tried to be a good girl and let them lead , but, clearly I'm the better dancer. I show them how one dances , but, of course they refuse to learn... this shall be their downfall, or, is this their beginning?
They're  b  e  au  ti  f u    l    now
B EA  U  T   I  F U    L   : - )
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 1 0
WIP Fire Dragon by mr-mamura-tomi WIP Fire Dragon :iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 3 106
May I Have This Dance?
Look at you! Killing all those things with no grace, no art, no beauty. I try so hard to fill the world with beautiful things, but, too often people like you come along and destroy what I have done. This world is too deprived of beautiful things... maybe... just maybe... if you think about something beautiful real hard, you'll see it tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, of course, you monster. You're too busy breaking our tomorrow. Today is here, though.
Today, I shall fill the world with beautiful things, then, fall into a peaceful slumber where I'll just ignore that fact that you don't know how to dance, don't know how to kill properly. I'll have you one day, on that day, I'll ask you for a dance, you won't know how to dance though, so I'll have to teach you, I wouldn't dare waste time to useless introductions, what's the point if one of us will be dead by the end, anyway? I'll try my best to make you my next beautiful thing. : - )
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 3 21
Memories Persist by mr-mamura-tomi Memories Persist :iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
Vader Aloha?
All life shall be drawn into my shadow, I have done all this for creation yet it still managed to be poisoned. All is equal within my shadow, no sin, no deed. Only shadow.
I'll make my poisoned children feel the blackest of anguishes, let them only feel it for a moment before entering my shadow once more. Being born from the shadows means returning to the shadows.
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
Surrealistic Tragedy
Have you ever heard heard?
No, I didn't make a mistake there.
It's an echo, you just don't know it... or, I just made a mistake and I do not want to admit, but, then I could edit it. Perhaps you should ponder on that for a bit, perhaps not. Who knows? I suppose the logical answer would be "you"... or, is it me? For me it is "you" and for you it is "me"... maybe.
Did you notice I didn't use quotation marks for "me" in the most precious paragraph?
Yes, that is meant to say "precious".
I think you're wasting your time.
Keyword: Think
If you're still here then I'm sorry to say that you have not "won". Actually, I am not, I'm having a lot of fun here, actually. The title has no relation whatsoever to this unless you really do see this as a surrealistic tragedy, perhaps it is surreal, perhaps it is tragic, you have not "won" yet, so, how could you know? How do you know I'm not lying to you? Seriously, did you trust me?
So far, this has been a waste of your life, but, I think I can make this
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
Uboa: Hopelessness by mr-mamura-tomi Uboa: Hopelessness :iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 1
H.N. Elly, Kirsten
Hide behind the screen
I am Elly here
Kirsten there
Who needs reality?
I have everything I need here
This is my home now
Her I am an angel
With these wings I shape my world
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
Cut the roses!
Bring them to me!
I shall be the only rose!
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
Elsa Maria
I pray for forgiveness
the burden is heavy
I feel the darkness grow from inside me
I have sinned
All shall be encompassed by my shadow
all shall be darkness
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
It lets out a demonic, high pitched laugh
She spits out rainbow flames and dances around in the sky
gales like those of a hurricane lift dozens of buildings up
they ignite in her flames
towers fall upon her
they burn too
the festival isn't over yet
the show has only just started
Faust is on
:iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 0 0
Most of My Plushies by mr-mamura-tomi Most of My Plushies :iconmr-mamura-tomi:mr-mamura-tomi 2 17


AA - Objection by Mama-Austria AA - Objection :iconmama-austria:Mama-Austria 217 67 Purple and Fluffy by DarkellaLord Purple and Fluffy :icondarkellalord:DarkellaLord 6 3 Bonnie The Bunny by 3vilwolf Bonnie The Bunny :icon3vilwolf:3vilwolf 6 1 Why not come with me? (Lucifer) by blissfulautumn Why not come with me? (Lucifer) :iconblissfulautumn:blissfulautumn 3 2 Raven request by blissfulautumn Raven request :iconblissfulautumn:blissfulautumn 2 0 Flashfire Request by blissfulautumn Flashfire Request :iconblissfulautumn:blissfulautumn 6 10 Im Sorry AHHHH by blissfulautumn Im Sorry AHHHH :iconblissfulautumn:blissfulautumn 3 10 Dake by DahDahCaNNibal Dake :icondahdahcannibal:DahDahCaNNibal 10 2 autodesk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, by 3vilwolf autodesk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :icon3vilwolf:3vilwolf 3 0 did better by 3vilwolf did better :icon3vilwolf:3vilwolf 3 0 Purple Rain by SonicWillRule Purple Rain :iconsonicwillrule:SonicWillRule 15 2 when your tired as heck by 3vilwolf when your tired as heck :icon3vilwolf:3vilwolf 4 1 Kiriban Prize by Xerneasxx Kiriban Prize :iconxerneasxx:Xerneasxx 6 4 .:Sparkle:. PageDoll by Xerneasxx .:Sparkle:. PageDoll :iconxerneasxx:Xerneasxx 21 23 Hylian Sheik by Know-Kname Hylian Sheik :iconknow-kname:Know-Kname 936 188 sheikah princess by Know-Kname sheikah princess :iconknow-kname:Know-Kname 695 145
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Hi, I'm a person who has feelings and surprisingly is in a meaningful relationship.

Awesome ID by :icondahdahcannibal:
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As you can tell, I am absolutely obsessed with Puella Magi Madoka Magica. My username is a splice of 'Mami Tomoe' and 'Homura Akemi', the two characters which I can't decide who I favour more.

I love to have pleasent conversations, or dark ones if it has a point. I can be bubbly and hyperactive one moment and dead serious the next. If I seem hostile towards you it is most likely an accident, I don't mean to hurt people.

DA Besties: Evilwolf1234, Serpent-of-Autumn, DahDahCaNNibal, CrystalizedVapour, cobalion456, galamias, SonicWillRule, Happy-Wolfy,
with so many awesome friends I can't possibly be forever alone!

People on here I know in RL:

Okies, maybe I am forever alone.

I have too many stamps on here but, this one has tiro finale:
This one has Pikachu :3c, so forgive me:
Pikachu Stamp by xSatoshi
Okay, you have every right to shout at me:
Homura Stamp by xSatoshi

HEY, LOOK, FLAREON! Flareon by Fallkitten

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Wait! I really like buizel!
AquaJetBui by Fallkitten

Heyheyhey, here's another interest of mine: :thumb90690541:

Guess who my fave 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' character is(!)

"If it doesn't even live up to my own standards how can I ever expect to be pleased by it?!" - Me stressing over how I can never get my writing right.


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